Panorama Sales Tool
Panorama is an immersive Aetna + CVS Health sales tool experience experience that explores the infinite possibilities of consumer-centered care. It's a customizable tool used by Aetna's sales agents to attract prospect clients that compiles important information about some health conditions such as diabetes and depression as well as convenient care for families. This tool allows sales agents to share a narrative that provides prospective clients the benefits of having Aetna as an insurer through the member’s and the employer’s point of view.​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​The team created 8 different personas, with similar conditions but with different backgrounds. These personas were cast to make this tool even more unique. Each journey was assigned a specific color pallet and a pattern to emphasized the diverse breath of these fictional Aetna members. And the result of it, was a bold by friendly look and feel. Each journey consist on: a member home screen, a member detail screen, an episode selector screen, multiple episode screens and an end screen.​​​​​​​
On the home page users are able to choose from any of the journeys the sales team has loaded into the tool. Every episode follows the same structure. We begin with a member who has a health challenge or a need and then we follow their story to show how the capabilities of Aetna + CVS Health come together holistically to solve their challenges and create a differentiated member experience. 
In this example, Marissa is a busy mom who finds it hard to prioritize her health. She is looking for convenient care options to stay on top of her and her family's health care needs. All the content in the box to the right is customizable by the sales team so that they can adjust the persona based on their client needs.  
Throughout the journey, there are places for sales to customize the statistics they want to show. We provide a sampling they can choose from or in many cases they are able to access specific client stats. At this point in the story, the view has 2 options, to jump right into Marissa's full story or to select an episode and skip around if they are short on time. 
This episode of Marissa's story is from the member view. Marissa wants to start a healthier routine and is intrigued by Attain app to help reach her exercise goals. She is surprised to get a reminder from Attain to schedule her annual wellness exam. Animations appear throughout each story to show how a member would interact with Aetna + CVS Health across a variety of platforms and engagement channels. 
This is the employer view of that same Attain interaction. Here we focus on the importance of helping employees make positive health changes and arming them with the right tools do so. It is also a place to talk about the differentiators of the Attain product. This whole episode is about the importance of helping make smart health decisions and doing it in a way that fits seamlessly into their life.Every episode ends with a choice, so sales can stop and engage the plan sponsor and let them pick how the story unfolds. 
This next episode in Marissa' s story shows her seeking after hours care for her daughter at MinuteClinic inside her local CVS Pharmacy. Following would be an employer view of this interaction that explains the benefits of the MinuteClinic and offering employees access to care that's available when they need it most.
The resulting tool is a rich media experience complete with data, animations, voice overs and interactive prototypes of Aetna + CVS Health products the members encounter throughout their health journeys. 
Sales team had the option to include a customizable landing page to share the tool with clients after a presentation. Pitch desks can also be shared to clients with a simple password protected landing page or as a leave behind.  
Panorama is truly an interactive tool both for the prospective clients and the sales team. We preload it with content and design in the form of "episodes" that come together to tell a compelling member story. These episodes can be dragged and dropped into a custom presentation. Each episode is self contained, meaning sales can pull episodes in and out based on what is important to their client audience without loosing the meaning of the story. Each episode has a recorded voice over so that the sales person can send a link as a leave behind after the pitch and also a script that can be used in live presentations. ​​​​​​​
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