Aetna COVID-19 Response
During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Aetna needed to have up-to date communication to members, employers and providers. Utilizing the design system, the task-force worked across enterprise business units to get timely content out to all three audiences. 
As the COVID-19 pandemic began and businesses across the country closed, Aetna needed to inform their members and employers with Aetna plans: what Aetna was covering for members, support services available & how to stay safe. The team built a page for each audience (members & employers) within with a focus on general COVID-19 education. 
As the pandemic evolved, so did the needs of Aetna's audiences. The single pages for members and employers expanded into a series of integrated pages and additional resources for providers who are in the Aetna network. 
Content continuously evolved along with the status of the pandemic. Medical experts encouraged wearing masks for protection so brand imagery began to reflect that safety precaution. Access to testing for the virus and symptom checkers became the main calls to action. For businesses, employees needed resources for staying healthy even if their roles allowed for working from home. Providers required new resources from expanded telemedicine to billing. 
With the availability of the vaccine & CVS's participation in the rollout, focus of the pages shifted. All audiences needed access to eligibility for vaccines in their area & educational materials on the safety of the vaccine. Aetna also continued to provide support resources such as increased benefits and telemedicine.  
All the primary audience pages (member, employer & provider) linked to more in-depth pages including detailed FAQs, member benefit changes and increased access to telemedicine & mental health services. 
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