Aetna Design System 
Aetna's enterprise site was outdated, not on brand or user friendly. So we did a major update to give it a new look, feel and story. We redesigned and restructured, top to bottom, making sure to keep users first. That way every time a member visits, they get simple access to their healthcare needs. 
But we didn't stop at one site. We created a design system built on custom branded reusable components. The design system was then applied across the enterprise branded sites supporting commercial and government product lines. This allows for brand and messaging consistency across business lines as well as the ability for timely updates. 
Aetna commercial site before and after redesign
Aetna Medicare site before and after redesign
Aetna Medicaid site before and after redesign
In addition to the updated look and feel, we built out a design system and component library. The 100+ components can be configured in Adobe Experience Manager to create pages for the sites. Designers utilize a Sketch library which allows them to focus on user experience over pixel perfect replication of components. This design system creates efficiencies both in design production and site content maintenance.
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